How to Highlight Your Hair with Hair Dye

Changing the colour of your hair can give a completely different and dramatic look to your appearance. Many people completely dye their hair, while others create highlights, in order to give an amazing look to their hair, while keeping their original hair colour intact. You can highlight your hair to give them a soft and cool look. In the meantime, the highlights can also help in hiding your grey hair, without dying your hair completely. If you plan to create highlights in your hair, then you do not need to go to your hairstylist for that purpose, as you can do it yourself at home with ease. You only need to make the right decisions about which colour that will suit you best and where to apply highlights.


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    Purchase a hair colour that complements the natural colour of your hair. Make sure the colour is not too different from the one of your hair, as it may result in giving a weird look to your hair. Moreover, making corrections by applying new colour can also damage your hair. So, choose the colour wisely.

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    Remove tangles from your hair by brushing them properly. It will be easier   for you to apply the hair colour when your hair is washed and brushed. Now, create the colour solution, as indicated in the instructions that came with the box.

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    Create small sections of your hair where you want to apply the colour to form highlights.  Weave out strands and place a foil sheet under the strands before you apply the colour. Using the colouring brush, apply the solution on the strands that you took out to highlight. After you are done with applying the hair colour, place another foil sheet on top of your strand, and roll it over to secure the strand completely.

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    Lift another section of your hair, which should be at least one inch away from the previous strand. You need to leave the space so the highlights look distinct.. Now, apply the hair colour on the newly raised strand and wrap it with foil again. You can repeat the same process for the number of highlights you want to create in your hair.

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    Remove the foil from your hair and check if you have got your desired colour. If the colour is light, give them some more time, as the colour gets darker as time passes. When you get your desired result, remove the foil and wash and rinse your hair.

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