How to Kill Slugs with Frogs and Toads

Slugs and snails are very destructive pests that invade our garden. They tend to leave ragged holes in the leaves and consume the seedlings of our plants. Snails give birth to 420 eggs over periods of months. So if you have a snail problem, it needs to be taken care of as soon as possible. Other than the fact that they destroy our plants, they also carry germs and bacteria that can cause infection. There are many ways to get rid of these pests from your garden. Slug pellets are a famous way to get rid of them. But these can kill hedgehogs and other wildlife that eat them or the poisoned slugs. Other than the chemical ways of getting rid of slugs, such as yeast and stale beer, there is a natural way of getting rid of them.
A part of the wildlife food chain, frogs and toads are nature’s way of taking care of slugs and snails.


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    Buy them:

    You can easily buy frogs from the pet stores. They will not just get rid of your slugs and snail problem but they eat mosquitoes and flies too. Wild frogs are an even better option because of the great hunting abilities that they possess.

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    Lure them:

    Frogs need ponds to breed. Introduce frog friendly features in your garden, such as a pond, log piles and compost heaps. Do not add fish to your pond as they feed on the spawn. If you do not have space for a pond, a shallow basin of water will also work. Remember to keep the basin filled and the water fresh.

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    Make conditions favorable:

    Frogs breathe and drink through their skin. Chemical pesticides and insecticides are all poisonous for frogs and toads. Absence of such chemicals in the garden will make it a safer environment for the frogs and toads.

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