How to Kill Time While Travelling

With the developments and advancements in the methods of transport over the years, the amount of travelling done by human beings has increased manifold. There are more options for people when it comes to seeking jobs or studying, as they can travel greater distances in a relatively small amount of time.

While some people enjoy their time on the road, in the subway, or in an airplane, others fall prey to extreme boredom. It is only natural that the same routine over and over should make things feel dull. In order to kill time while travelling, there are some interesting things you can do, which will help you survive the duration of your journey with little trouble.

Things Required:

– Books
– Mp3 player or iPod
– Cell phone
– Laptop
– Crossword puzzles
– Pen
– Small portable pillow


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    Book reading is one of the most productive ways of killing time while travelling. It is a great way of improving your knowledge base as well. A good book can capture the complete attention of the reader and your travel time will fly by without you even noticing.

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    Listening to Music

    There are many modern gadgets that help you listen to music on the go, such as iPods or mp3 players. You can listen to it for as long as you please. It is a good way to relax and not worry about the time that will be taken up by travel. In some cases, it may actually make you feel good about the whole travelling experience.

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    If you are into crossword puzzles, then this can be an excellent way to spend your time while travelling. This exercise will sharpen your mind and take away any discomfort that you may feel while travelling.

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    You can also watch movies on your cell phone or laptop if you have one. This is an ideal option in case the time duration of your journey is long. It can keep you busy for hours and you can certainly enjoy a movie this way, even if you have a busy schedule otherwise.

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    If you have a friend who is travelling with you, you can talk to them. Often chit chat can help in reducing stress and one can talk away for hours and feel better as a result. This will also serve as a great way to socialise on the go, and the time of travel will fly away.

    You can do the same on your cell phone if you don't have a friend along, provided that others around you are not disturbed.

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    If you can sleep on the go, there is nothing like it. You can catch up on some sleep and feel refreshed when you reach the destination. This is probably the most effective way to kill time while you travel. You can carry a small portable pillow in your bag to make the experience more comfortable.

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