How to Layer Liqueurs

The overall look and presentation of your liquors (cocktails and drinks) matters a lot in grabbing the attention of the people around or the ones whom you are about to serve. We use various creams, straws, colored sugars, vegetable and fruit slices etc to garnish out drinks. But it is the time to think out of the box in order to create some of the wonderful results that the professional bartenders make. What about the layered liqueurs?  They are not only full of flavors, but beautiful to look at. All you need is an understanding of the chemistry behind the different liquids act when mixed. The art to layer liqueurs require some practice, but it is not difficult at all. You will love this activity!

B-52 Cocktail, Tequila Sunset Cocktail, and Vodka Sunrise Cocktail etc are the famous layered Liqueurs that you can try at try at home.


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    Select a Cocktail Glass

    The first thing you need to do is, select a right cocktail glass as it plays vital role in enhancing your layered drinks. Rock or shot glasses are good options that you can consider to layer your liqueurs. Moreover, a Pony glass is not a bad idea at all as it makes you drink amazingly attractive.

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    Chill the Required Ingredients

    Once you select the cocktail glass, place it in your refrigerator along with the other required ingredients and spoon to chill thoroughly.

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    Pour the Densest Liquid

    The secret of perfectly layered liqueurs is to pour your densest liquor first (on the bottom of glass). In this way, the alcohol will not mix up with the other layers of liquors. Take out the items from the refrigerator and pour the desired amount of the heaviest liqueur into the bottom of the chilled cocktail glass and let it settle down thoroughly.

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    Set your Spoon

    Take a small spoon and set it in the cocktail glass with upside down. Make sure that the tip of the spoon is almost touching the surface of the first layer (densest liquid).

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    Pour in Second Layer

    The next layer should be the lightest liquor. Use your free hand to gently pour in the next layer of liquid over the spoon. Remove the spoon and let the second layer settle down. Enjoy!

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