How to Lease a Dump Truck

You can always buy a dump truck whenever you want but it is not a wise option when you can lease the same truck at a much lower rate compared to the purchase price. The difference is that the leasing agreement will just allow you to take the truck with you but the ownership will not be transferred whereas in the sale agreement, you will be handed over the truck with all the rights including the ownership. You can also lease the truck for the time you need its services so it will cost you less. Moreover, you won’t have to bother about the scrap value as the truck will be handed over to the real owner at the end of the lease agreement. On the other hand, if your purchase the truck, you will have to bear the hassle of selling the dumped truck which will not be easy. Leasing companies deal with such activities of old or dumped trucks leasing etc so you will have to contact the personnel there to get your desired truck leased at an affordable rate.


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    Find the heavy equipment company nearby and visit their office. Make sure they are ready to lease the truck and not only deal with the sale and purchase of dumped trucks. You can search on internet for that and I am sure you will find something of your choice. Otherwise you can ask around from different friends or people that you know are working in a heavy machinery company.

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    You should know the details of the truck that you are going to lease. You should know the size as well as its market value which will help you in negotiating the terms with the lessee. Ask the officer at the company about the availability of the truck that you want and whether it is available for a lease agreement or not? If you seek a positive response, start the deal otherwise move to your next alternative.

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    If you have found the truck and it is available for leasing purpose, you will have to apply for dump truck lease. However, you wouldn’t be allowed to turn into a deal without having a credit history audit which will assure the companies that you will pay the lease payments on time and won’t run away with the truck.

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    After every check, the approval will be granted to you.

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