How to Sell a Used Commercial Truck

Selling a used commercial truck is very similar to selling any other used automobile. You need to have all relevant information documented, look for a prospect buyer and once the deal has been settled, transfer ownership of the truck to the new owner. Care must be practiced while looking for a prospect buyer since you will have to do some advertising. You must advertise at the proper platform in order to get good offers in terms of price.


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    Gather basic information about the commercial truck like the name of the manufacturer, model of the truck, chassis and engine numbers and mileage of the used commercial truck. Gather all documents relevant to the truck such as registration booklet, owner’s manual and other relevant documents.

    Make a written history of any accidents and repair works that the truck might have gone through while you owned it. Give the chassis a close look and document any visible defects such as discoloration, dents etc.

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    Decide a price:

    In order to attract maximum potential buyers, you need to decide a reasonable selling price. The best way to decide a reasonable selling price is to make a comparison between the information that you gathered with other used commercial trucks and then come to a price which should be an average of the highest and lowest prices found as a result of your comparison.

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    Advertisement can be classified as the most important step in selling a used commercial truck. The more you advertise and the better you advertise, higher will be the chances of coming across a potential buyer quickly.

    Newspapers are the best way to start with. Post a catchy advertisement in at least a couple of local newspapers. Once that is taken care of, you can turn to local dealers who deal in automobiles. See if they are willing to buy the used truck or if they can help in spreading the word around. Online advertising is also a good option. Post an advertisement on at least a couple of websites those let you sell used commercial trucks.

    That should be enough as far as the advertisement part goes.

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    Transfer of Ownership:

    Once the deal has been finalized, take care of all necessary legal obligations such as transfer of ownership to the buyer etc.

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