How to Make a Sliding Pickup Tray

Pickup trucks are versatile vehicles as they can be used for a number of transportation needs. These vehicles can move large items around and also transport people if needed. For those who are looking to transport large items, they should consider installing a sliding tray in the vehicle’s bed for more comfort. With the right tools and material, you can get this job done by yourself to remove groceries, construction materials and other household supplies from the back of your vehicle easily.

Things Required:

– Tape measure
– Pressboard
– Electric saw
– 2-by-4-inch board
– Electric drill
– 3/16-inch screws
– 4 casters with locks


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    Consider deciding what kind of bed slide you want to have in the back of your vehicle. Some slides are simple flat trays that allow you to load and unload heavy items. Some slides are installed half way up the side trays and they are typically used to increase the capacity of the vehicle’s bed. For those who want to sell their truck in the near future, they should consider installing a slide tray that can be easily removed if needed.

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    Choose the material for your bed slide that are readily available and designed for the intended purpose. Aluminium sheets are commonly used for this application as they provide excellent rigidity. Steel plates, on the other hand, are less expensive but they are likely to be very heavy and therefore your vehicle’s power can be reduce significantly. You can also choose to use wooden made bed slides but it is recommended to use marine ply for flat panels.

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    For best results, consider measuring the truck bed. Make the sketches and drawings to transfer the measurements on a piece of paper. Design the project according to your needs. If you are good with geometry, ask one of your friends to help make sketches. Consult slide bed dealers to design ideas and determine what design will best suit your needs. Always be aware of the location of any under bed storage and wheel wells. Never forget to maintain some space for a spare tire at the back of your truck.

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    Use a drill for keeping wheels at the bottom of the tray. Ask someone to help you out when lifting the heavy sliding tray onto the bed of the truck. Make sure the wheels are locked before closing the bed.

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