How to Leave a Toxic Relationship

A lot of people feel like they need someone to complete them, which is why they look for a partner. Getting into a relationship brings them happiness and satisfaction, but in many cases, this joy and contentment begins to gradually fade away as a person finds themselves becoming more and more reliant on their significant other. The most common reason for this is any emotional and physical abuse which we might suffer at the hands of the person whom we considered our better half. This kind of a relationship is known as “toxic”. It strips a person of confidence, self-esteem, satisfaction, happiness and peace.

If you are currently in a toxic relationship, then you must get out of it before you are physically and emotionally damaged beyond repair. There are some fairly simple ways through which you can detach yourself from someone who has you addicted.

Things Required:

– Pen and paper


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    Accept the fact that your relationship is “toxic” and consequently doing more harm than good to you. Unless you embrace the reality, you will not be able to get the necessary courage and motivation to free yourself of it. Denial may seem like a more convenient option in the short term, but it will bring you a lot of suffering in the long term. Therefore, open your eyes to facts.

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    Sit down in a peaceful place, grab a pen and paper, and start listing down all the good things about your significant other and current relationship. Next, write down the things that you recognise as harmful. Compare both the lists and use your personal judgement to determine if the relationship is worth staying in. Do not allow your bias to affect your judgement. Analyse all the points in order to detect and remove any point that is based on fear and pressure. You cannot give in to these two things while making important decisions in your life.

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    Once you have established the fact that you must step out of the “toxic” relationship, confront your partner and tell them how you feel and what you are about to do. Do not be scared to face them or fear their reaction. If you ever want to regain your confidence, then you need to start right from the person who pretty much stripped you of it.

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    Pack your bags and just leave if you are living at their place. Make sure you leave nothing behind, so that you do not have to come back to pick it up.

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    Surround yourself with positive people such as your family and friends. These people will help you regain confidence, happiness, peace and faith in your abilities and capabilities.

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    If you ever find yourself getting weak, bribe yourself with something. It is not the most appropriate thing to do, but by setting a goal and promising yourself a reward for accomplishing it, you will give your motivation level a boost to stay away from the toxic relationship.

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