How to Maintain Rarely Used Car

Cars have become a necessity for a family in this modern day life. With the modern day life being so fast these days, keeping a car is vital for every family. Cars serve the purposes of dropping family members to their respective work places, dropping children to their schools, going for amusement over the weekends along with many other services. The life has become so fast that one car even may not be enough to serve the needs of a family for the life style, so many people line up the prospect of keeping two cars for the needs of the family. The strategy behind this decision is a simple one, one of the two cars is used on a more regular basis where as the other car is meant to serve more time in the garage rather than the roads. This car is often used for major functions and on the occasions where status symbol is deemed to make an impression. The car that is not used more regularly often is the better type of the two and is usually more costly than the other car that is widely used for the family purposes. However, the car that is not brought in wide use is not only bought for staying in the garage, but it also requires some maintenance over the course of time. The steps that are required to maintain this car which is rarely used are discussed shortly underneath.


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    The first step that is required in maintaining a rarely used car is that the car should be washed on regular basis. This will help keep the car clean from dust and other potentially harmful substances from getting into the cars parts and hence will protect it in a long term scenario.

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    Next, the place that the car is parked in should be enclosed. This will help maintain the car as if the place where the car is regularly parked is open, then more and more people can access the car physically and the car may get scratches on its body because of contact from the people or the passersby.

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    Then the car’s oil change must also be done on a regular basis as it will help in maintaining the integrity of the engine of the car.

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    Next, the car should be provided with a lock system. This will protect the car from potential thieves.

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    Finally, the car should have a cover whenever it is parked overnight. This cover must cover the whole of the car and will save it from scratches and dust etc.

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