How to Make 3d Video Polarized Glasses

3D movies are a real treat to watch, giving you a true experience to being involved in the scenarios of the movie. You cannot watch a 3D movie without the polarized glasses which come along with the DVD. What if you have taken out time from your routine, gathered up snacks and all set to watch a 3D movie but right at the time you have noticed that you have lost your 3D glasses? Of course you won’t like to ruin your time and preparation. You can make 3D glasses of your own and it won’t take more than 20 minutes to do so.


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    You will need a design of your 3D glasses and this can be easily found on the internet. Download and print out a template of 3D glasses from the internet. It will be in three different pieces, two for the legs and the one for the frame. Cut out the three pieces from the printed paper.

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    Put the cut pieces of paper on a sturdy poster board and affix them with paper tape. Make sure you have already cut out the eye holes from the stencil before pasting it on the poster board.

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    Carefully cut out the poster board around the paper stencil. Don’t forget to cut out the eye holes as well.

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    Now you need to add polarized lenses to your 3D glasses and it is the most vital segment of the entire process, as your 3D movie experience will entirely depend on the lenses you use for watching it. You can use acetate sheet for cutting out the lenses for your glasses. Remember that you need one blue coloured and the other one red coloured lens for your glasses.

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    Acetate sheet can be purchased from an art supply store and won’t cost you too much. Make sure to cut the acetate pieces a bit larger than the eye holes you carved in your glasses.

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    You have to paste these pieces onto the poster board glasses you have just made. Use a plastic tape to firmly attach the lenses on the inner side of the glasses. You MUST attach RED lens on the Left eye and the BLUE lens on the RIGHT eye of your glasses, otherwise you cannot have the 3D feeling while watching the movie.

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    Join the legs of your glasses with plastic tape and enjoy your 3D movie while wearing these homemade glasses.

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