How to Make a Bobbin Lace Roller Pillow

Bobbin Lace Roller pillows can easily be made by you inside your home. You can make this pillow in a cookie shape with fine edges. You do not need too many things for making it and if it is your first time then this is a good way to start as these pillows do not require much skill. Learning how to make a Bobbin Lace Roller pillow can take some practice but with these easy steps it should not be difficult.

Things Required:

– Plywood
– Fabric
– High-density foam
– Scissors
– Stapler
– Saw
– Sandpaper


  • 1

    The first thing that you need to do is to cut the ΒΌ inches long plywood into a circle. If you feel that you cannot saw the wood by yourself it is better to take it to a lumber yard and have it cut for a nominal fee.

  • 2

    It is recommended that the size of the bobbin lace pillow should be somewhere around 20 to 24 inches.

  • 3

    You now need to sand the plywood with your focus on the edges. The sand should be smooth to prevent snagging the fabric of the pillow.

  • 4

    You should now cut the high-density foam with a simple or electric knife. You need to cut the foam in a circle, matching the size of your lace pillow base. Now smooth away the edges of the foam for nice clean look.

  • 5

    Now keeping a cloth about six inches bigger than your pillow you need to cut it by giving it a circular shape. Place the cloth over the pillow then pull taut by securing one side with a stapler and then the other. Once the cloth is all around the bobbin lace pillow, make sure to cut the extra fabric away.

  • 6

    Now take another fine cloth and cut it in a circle with the help of some sharp scissors. Keep the size of this cloth bigger than your lace pillow. You can press the edges under to achieve a neat look just before finishing it off. Use glue to hide the raw side of the edges on the pillow.

  • 7

    Once the edges have been glued, you need to leave the pillow for a while to let it dry and settle in the edges. If you use the pillow immediately there is a chance that you will end up loosening the edges.

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