How to Make a Calendar Event for Android

Smartphones have changed our lifestyle altogether. Now, we don’t need to keep a notebook in the pocket to remember the upcoming events. Android phones, in particular, offers special features to make a list of events, such as birthdays, anniversaries and other important occasions, one needs to keep in mind.

Every Android phone has a dedicated icon for calendar. This not only tells about the date/date, but also enables you to make a monthly schedule. For example, if you are afraid that you may forget your wedding anniversary, or the birthday of your youngest son, you can easily put all the details events in Event Calendar, which will remind you well before the time.

Here we discuss how to make a Calendar Event for Android. It is a very easy process, no matter which version you are using.


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    After making sure that your smartphone is working properly, you need to unlock the screen, if needed. Having seen the main screen, you are supposed to push the menu button. Every phone has a dedicated button for the main menu, usually visible on your screen.

    After entering the main menu, you need to find icon for calendar. Whenever an Android operating system is installed, the phone automatically creates a special icon for calendar in the main menu. You may find plenty of icons in the menu, so scroll down to see which one looks like a calendar. Push it smoothly.

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    You have now entered the calendar. Right on top of the screen, the current month is written alongside the ongoing year. Furthermore, each day of the month is separated through blocks, with today’s date being highlighted. Push the options button, and a list will appear. Push ‘New Event’, which appears on top of the list.

    Click on New Event, another window will pop up. Enter the details, such as Event Name, Location, Date, Description, Description, Nature of event and others. After entering all details, click on ‘Done’. Once you push the button, an event will automatically be created. As a result, the date you have selected will be highlighted on the monthly calendar.

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    The phone has saved all your details, and will notify you at your selected time. You can also synchronise your events with the Google account. The changes can also be made. Click on the highlighted date, and make changes if required.

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