How to Make a Ectoplasm Cocktail

We had heard about Halloween costumes and makeup but did somebody know there is a cocktail fit to serve to your monstrous guests? A hideous green colored cocktail, with eyeballs floating in it? Ectoplasm is the right drink to feed your evil senses on the Halloween night if you don’t get some raw blood to quench your thirsty spirit. Fun apart, Ectoplasm cocktail is just as good to drink on any other day as Halloween. There is nothing evil about its taste; leaves you completely revitalized and the green color looks lovely in old cocktail glasses. This guide takes you through the preparation procedure step by step. Leave out our mischievous Halloween tips if you serving Ectoplasm cocktail on any other normal day.

Preparation Time: Five to ten minutes
Utensils needed: Cocktail glass, stirrer
Serving size: One person. Increase the ingredients if you are serving more than one person

– 3 Oz Vodka
– 1 ½ Oz Orange liqueur
– 1 ½ Oz Blue Curacao
– Orange juice (as necessary)
– Ice Cubes
– Plastic eye balls (if you garnishing for Halloween)


  • 1

    Take out a cocktail glass from the tray. Ectoplasm looks good in those old fashioned ones.

  • 2

    Pour in all of our ingredients into the glass in the right measurement.

  • 3

    With the stirrer, stir the mixture well.

  • 4

    For normal days, you do not really need any garnishing. The green color itself is bright enough to give an appealing look. However, if you want to put in an effort, a curly peel of orange skin will give a beautiful contrast of orange and green. A green lemon wedge will also do, both the greens complimenting each other.

  • 5

    If it is Halloween, make your drink spooky. Get those plastic eyeballs from the market and let a few float inside the drink. Drink it amid cheers of your vampire friends. You will feel rejuvenated and ready for the long hunt.

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