How to Make a Free Valentine\’s Day E-Card

Presenting your loved ones with greeting cards on special moments symbolises your affection for that person. Greeting cards are specially associated with some festivities, such as Christmas and Valentine’s Day. For your friends and relatives living across the countries, you have to send an e-card over the internet. You can find numerous templates of e-cards for the Valentine’s Day on the internet but those ready-made cards might not suit your taste and choice to present to your loved ones. You can try out making your own e-card on your computer and meet your choices perfectly.


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    You will need e-card making software being installed on your computer before you can proceed to the actual task. You can download FreeCard software from the internet for free and install it on your computer for making your own e-cards.

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    Start up the FreeCard software and select the image you desire for your e-card. Make sure you select a Bitmap image (BMP or BMX format). You can change the format of an image by an image editing software, like GIMP or Photoshop, and then use it for your e-card.

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    You can find a number of image transition choices at the drop down menu next to the picture name.

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    Next you have to add the text in the white block given. Simply type the text or paste it from any other source you like. The text choices are quite limited.

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    You can also edit the background colour by clicking the colour editor button present at the bottom centre of the card. A colour picker will open up and you can choose the shade of your choice out of it. Simply click the basic colour from the palette and then use the sliders to make the hue of your liking.

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    You can also add music to your e-card but only MIDI music files will be accepted in this software. You can use other software to convert WAV or Mp3 files into MIDI format. Click on the music symbol to browse the music files from your computer hard disk.

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    You can also record your own voice and attach it to your e-card. This can be done by clicking the microphone symbol. Click the speaker after you have finished recording your voice to track the folder which contains the file.

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    Once you have finished your e-card, click send button and add the email address of the recipient to send your e-card.

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