How to Make a Hanging Lamp

Lighting is one of the main things for a well-designed house. Every activity you perform in your house requires light of different intensity. You can even create your own hanging lamps in order to provide lighting according to your desire. This will also show others how creative you are. It can be created from materials at your local hardware store. You can make a paper lantern shade for this purpose as they come in different colours and patterns. In order to make a shade which portrays romance and whimsy, you can make your homemade lamp from a tutu.

Things Required:

– Box Cutter
– Long, thin extension cord,
– Pull-chain light socket
– Light bulb
– Wire strippers
– Screwdriver
– Super glue
– Lampshade ring
– Tutu or paper lantern
– Insulated staples
– Hammer


  • 1

    Cut the extension cord

    Take the extension cord and then section the outlet end with help of a box cutter. Then you need to divide the cord and you can do this by splitting around one inch down the middle. Later you need to expose the copper wire underneath the cord. Take wire strippers for this purpose. Remember you need to keep both wires separated in order to avoid short circuit. Also twirl the small wires on both sides.

  • 2

    Use the pull-light socket

    You need to get the pull-light socket and separate it apart. You will get four pieces which are outer casing, top cap, socket and the cardboard shell. Later you need to push the cap down the cord in order to prevent it from obstructing and thread the extension cord through the top cap.

  • 3

    Loosen the screws on both sides of the light socket

    Now you need to loosen the screws on both sides. Later take one side of the light socket and then attach the wire firmly around the screw. Then you need to tighten the screw. Repeat these steps on the other side of the light socket. Remember to cut the extra wires.

  • 4

    Plug the lamp to check

    Next you need to check whether the lamp works properly or not. Reassemble the socket first and then screw the bulb in order to check it is working. Remember to unplug afterwards until the lampshade is made.

  • 5

    Paste the tutu or paper lantern

    After clicking the cords back into place and checking the lamp works, you need to paste the tutu or the paper lantern of the lampshade ring's outer side.

  • 6

    Use insulated staples

    In the end you need to attach cord to the ceiling with help of insulated staples. Then apply hammer on these staples to tighten.

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