How To Make a Natural Lemon Dandruff Treatment

Dandruff is an issue faced by millions of people around the world. It is caused by a variety of reasons and there are tons of medications and shampoos available to deal with the issue. These solutions, however, may not always work and do cost a fair bit in terms of price as well.

One other solution to dandruff troubles are home remedies. These remedies are derived from products available at home and our relatively cheap as well. Many home remedies work for different people in different issues and the case of dandruff is no different.

A simple homemade solution with the help of lemon may do the trick for you. It is easy to make and will certainly not cost your pocket a fortune. Since there are no preservatives added to these products, you will not be adding any ill-effects that are associated with use of chemicals in everyday hair products.

Material Required

– Lemon

– Water

– Coconut Oil

– Henna Powder

– Egg


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    Water and Lemon

    This is a very basic treatment and works for a number of people in their quest of getting rid of dandruff. Take a glass of water and squeeze out a juicy lemon into the glass. Rinse your hair and let the excess water get out. Then message your skin with lemon peels. Once you have massaged your scalp, wash your hair with the lemon water solution. Repeat this process once a week and you should be having great hair that is dandruff free.

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    Lemon and Coconut Oil

    Mix juice of one fresh lemon with two cups of warm water and two table spoons of coconut oil to the solution. Thoroughly rinse your hair and massage the solution to your hair and scalp. Afterwards, let the excess water out of your hair. Cover year head with a scarf of a piece of cloth and keep the hair under wraps for the night. Wash off the solution from your head in the morning. Repeat this process twice a month and you should have great, dandruff free hair.

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    Henna, Egg and Lemon

    Take three tablespoons of henna powder, juice of one fresh lemon and one egg and mix the three, making a paste. Apply the paste to your scalp and massage gently. Leave the paste on your head for at least fifteen minutes and then wash it with water. Repeat the process once a week and you will be well conditioned and dandruff free hair.

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