How to Make a Puppet Theatre

To dive into the magical world of theatre is a real treat for audiences of all ages, from young to old. In turn, active participation in the preparation and conducting of the puppet show helps to develop skills and memories of the kids, open up their mindset and instills a love for creativity within the child.

Though the importance of the Puppet Theatre has declined over the years, it is still one fascinating and interesting art for a number of viewers and art lovers. With the help of a puppet theatre, we can play a variety of plays, skits and stories, using various dolls. However, staging puppets are impossible without the appropriate decorations and management.

Puppet show offers education, health, cognitive exercise not only fun for adults and children. It turns out that you can perform it even at home, choosing the desired spectators, close relatives or friends.


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    A puppet show is a good opportunity to join a child to the world of fairy-tale transformations. Even the small, three-four children, are able to take part in the manufacture of dolls and decorations for the home view. You can start with simple paper actors and scenery, gradually creating a real puppet theatre.

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    To make paper dolls for the first submission, you will need construction paper, glue, cardboard, coloured pencils or markers. For the characters, you can use ready-made suitable images cut from magazines or pictures printed from the internet. As a holder, you can use flat wooden sticks which have long been used to examine the throat by wide range of doctors.

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    First of all, with your child draw the characters or cut ready images after using safe scissors, carving work is quite possible to entrust the baby. Glue the image to the cardboard cut out and then glue them to a wooden stick.

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    For making a scene on a piece of cardboard, draw the appropriate scenery - forest, meadow or a room - it all depends on what you're going to play the scene. The same doll can be used in different views.

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