How to Make a Table in Google Docs

Google Documents is a free of cost, software package that allows you to make documents, excel spreadsheets and online directories using numerous software and applications. This extremely useful application includes much of same features found in Microsoft Office, including the ability to help you make expert tables to display your information, facts and figures. You can also give a classy look to your table, choose from a variety of background colours and themes or use unique fonts by using Google Docs. The built in tools in this application helps you give a professional look to your table.


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    Before doing anything else make sure your computer is switched on. Wait for Windows to load and then make sure the internet is working. Now launch Microsoft internet explorer or Google Chrome web browser and navigate to the Google Search Engine. Type Google Docs in the search bar and results will be displayed on your computer screen. Click on the appropriate link to navigate to the Google Docs Website.

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    Type your username and password to enter the website. Now click the "Create New" key on the left side of the site and choose "Document." You can add a table by clicking the Table menu and then selecting the Insert Table. Choose the number of rows and columns you wish to have on your table. This can be done by dragging the cursor through the grid.

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    The font style for the table title text can be selected from the Font menu at the top of the table. Always use a font that integrates well with the rest of the text. You can also adjust the font size by clicking the Font size menu.

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    Organise all the rows and columns in the table and fill the table with data. You can have a look at the table properties either by placing your cursor in any of the cells or selecting a row of cells using the cursor.

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    Click the "Table" tab and choose the border width of your table from the "Border width" selection. Border colours can also be changed by entering the Border Colour panel on the table. However, the border colours are applied to the whole table rather than just one cell. Height and width of rows and columns can be adjusted easily by checking in the Set minimum height box in the displayed text field.

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