How To Make a Talcum Powder with Herbs

For your baby’s delicate skin you can make natural herbal powder right at home, which will help you prevent diaper rash, and it is easily made from gentle ingredients that are perfect for your baby. Using herbs is one part of it, the delicate skin needs something to keep it soft, and what better way to keep your baby’s skin soft then to add essential oils into the ingredients to keep it soft. It also helps when you want to avoid chemically infused products on their bodies, such as petroleum jellies.

Babies are mostly kept warm, and wearing diapers the entire time, and makes the baby’s skin warm and moist which result in heat rashes. This herbal powder with essential oils helps you cure these rashes, and with the help of chamomile and arrowroot are the safest ingredients around to protect your baby’s skin and they are also hypoallergenic. With essential oils, you can add fragrance to your child’s body, and it is also soothing and sent.

Baby powder will have many properties, and to keep things fresh, your are advised to make this at least one day before using, because this will allow the ingredients to blend well.


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    Take a blender and place the chamomile in there. If it is coffee grinder than that is exactly what you need, because you can also put cornstarch into the grinder after putting two tablespoons of it in the grinder. It is usually coarsely grounded, but make sure it is in that powder form to be used in the powder.

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    Use the blender to grind the ingredients into a very fine powder, and make sure you stop blending every few seconds to check with your fingers that you haven’t missed large fragments of the ingredients. Put in the %100 pure , because synthetic oils do not have the same benefits.

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    To fully incorporate and oils with arrowroot, you need to throw in the latter as well, and start blending. Now, carefully add 5 drops of the Bois de Rose essential oil into the mixture. This will help the mixture to blend with the oil, and the cornstarch.

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    When you are finished blending, put the powder out and place it in a container. Put the lid on and tighten it, shake it well. Let the mixture sit for one day, and shake it well when you are ready to use it.

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