How To Make Black Henna Paste for the Hair

Dyeing hair can damage the texture of your hair with the passage of time as majority of the hair coloring products contain chemicals which are not good in long term. However, you can use some of the natural hair dyeing methods to avoid the harsh chemicals. Black Henna Paste is a terrific example of such coloring hair paste. It is easy to make and serve as a fantastic conditioning of black hair type. The output of the application of black henna paste will indeed be silky shiny black hair that you would simply love to carry.

Things Needed:

– Black henna powder
– Water
– Disposable Bowl
– Stirring stick or disposable spoon
– Glass bowl
– Measuring cup
– Protective gloves
– Old newspapers or table covering
– Garbage bag or pail


  • 1

    Get Ready

    Put on your disposable or protective gloves and unseal the Black henna powder.

  • 2

    Mix Black henna powder and water

    Add the Black henna powder to a large disposable bowl and then pour in some cold water. It is suggestible to keep the portion of water about 3 times as much as the amount of henna powder that you have on hand.

  • 3

    Stir until smooth

    Pick the stirring stick or disposable spoon and blend the black henna mixture until it form a lightly thick but smooth hair paste. Make sure that the paste is neither too thick nor too watery. So adjust the paste by adding in more henna powder or water.

  • 4

    Apply black henna hair paste

    Now divide your hair into sections. Dip the hair brush or a large spare toothbrush into the black henna hair past and start apply it from the roots of the hair to the tips.

  • 5

    Rinse off the black henna hair paste

    Once you apply the black henna hair paste, leave it for some time until you attain the desired black color. Rinse off the Black Henna Paste with lukewarm water and wipe your hair dry. Enjoy the silky black hair!

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