How to Make Butter from Raw Milk

The world is going back to fresh and unprocessed food. Pure butter extracted out of whole milk and without any preservatives is the best gift you can give to your family. Making butter from raw milk is healthier because you are sure of what goes into the butter and it is free of all preservatives. It is also cheaper because it does not contain all the branding costs and profits commercial companies reap out of selling you butter. It is also an easy process without any complex techniques involved.

Things Required:

– Raw milk
– Blender or stand mixer
– Salt
– Wooden spoons
– Butter molds


  • 1

    After you boil raw milk, let it stand in its container for a couple of days. You will notice a visible layer of cream developing over the milk.

  • 2

    After the cream has developed, take it out with a wooden ladle or large spoon into a large mixing bowl. Do not mix it with the milk. Pure and rich cream is going to make great butter.

  • 3

    Pour the cream into a well-cleaned blender. Because this is a sensitive process, make sure that your blender is thoroughly clean and free of any kind of smell because you do not want your butter to be infiltrated with anything impure.

  • 4

    Switch on your blender on medium power and process it slowly. Give small breaks during the blending. Use the spatula to scrape the cream off sides of the blender into the centre so that it could be churned.

  • 5

    After a while, you will notice condensed globules forming in the blender. The butter is being prepared. Slowly, they will develop into a single large clump in the middle. Stop the blender here. Now drain out the thin liquid formed in the blender during the process. You can also store this liquid for making yogurt in future.

  • 6

    Place the butter into a bowl. Use a spoon to press it and drain out any left liquid in it. You will be left with a lump of pure butter. Knead it with the spoon to make it solid. You can add salt on this stage. Sprinkle salt over the butter and knead it in.

  • 7

    Now put the butter in a container that you intend to store the butter in. Cover with a lid and refrigerate it when you are not using the butter.

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