How to Make Christmas Crafts for the Home

Christmas is a wonderful excuse and a magnificent occasion to decorate your home with wide range of ornaments. Therefore, think out of the box and use some of eye-catching handmade crafts in the decoration of your house. You can buy the crafts from your nearest market as shops are filled with variety of ornaments, but your handmade crafts are true representation of your excitement and involvement in the Christmas celebrations. The homemade crafts are not very simple to make but are cost-effective projects, providing opportunities to show creativity and to spend good time with loved ones.


  • 1

    Make Christmas Wreaths

    Make some colorful Christmas Wreaths and use them in the decoration of your house. You can hang a wreath on the main entrance door of your house for a warm welcome during the Christmas season or on the walls of your house. Check out some of the easy and gorgeous Handmade Christmas Wreaths.

  • 2

    Make Paper Lantern Garland

    Paper lantern Garland enhances the overall look of your Christmas decorations. All you have to do is, Make Paper Lanterns, tie them together to make a colorful garland and hang it in the desired location of your house.

  • 3

    Make some Tissue Paper Flowers

    Make some adorable Tissue Paper Flowers with the help of few easily available items and use in the decoration of your house during Christmas season. Once you make tissue paper flowers in variety of colors, place them in a beautiful vase, hang them from ceiling or make a nice garland out of them.

  • 4

    Make Paper Pinwheel Garland

    Use colored pages to make your own multihued paper pinwheels and tie them together to make an endearing garland. Check out the simple procedure Make Paper Pinwheels. However, skip step 9, 10 and 11, if you want o make a garland. Once you secured the overlapping edges of the pinwheels, simply make a hole in them with the help of a punch machine and thread them together.

  • 5

    Make Some Handmade Felt Ornaments

    You can use a range of handmade felt flowers to embellish your house. For example, you can make some Fabric Rose Flowers, Wavy Felt Flowers, Loopy Felt Flowers and Fringed Felt Flowers etc. once you make them, use them they way you want. You can add them to the decoration pieces in your house, vases, frames, tablecloths, curtains etc.

  • 6

    Make a Beautiful Christmas Calendar

    Christmas Calendar is one among the simple and interesting Christmas Crafts for house. You can make your own Beautiful Christmas Calendar within few minutes, using few supplies.

  • 7

    Make a cute Snowman from Cotton

    Make a practical use of the spare cotton balls in your drawer and use them to make a cute snowman craft. Making Snowman From Cotton is a fun activity to get into the Christmas spirit.

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