How to Make Dollhouse Food

Young girls love to make food for their dolls. Kitchens of dollhouses are decorated with accessories. In addition to this, small utensils can also be found in the dollhouse kitchen. This is because you can make several kinds of food including different fruits, vegetables, breads and even deserts for your dolls. You can make many types of food items with the help of different coloured-clays and accessories which will look great to eat.

Things Required:

– Polymer clay (silver, red, orange, purple, green, yellow, brown and white)
– Ball
– Straight pin
– Toothpick
– Toothbrush
– Cocoa
– Burlap
– Cornmeal
– Seeds
– Fabric
– String


  • 1

    Create a fruit bowl

    In order to make a fruit bowl you need to get silver clay. Place the clay on a small ball halfway. Later you need to cut the circumference. Let the clay air dry in order to make the fruit bowl.

  • 2

    Make an apple

    Next you need to make an apple and you can do this with the help of red clay. Then roll the clay to form a small ball. Make dimples on the apple, one on the front and other on the back. You can do this with help of a pin. Take the back of a pin and make dimples. In the end add a toothpick on the head and your apple is ready.

  • 3

    Form an orange

    For making an orange, you need to take orange clay. Simply roll it to form a small ball. Then get an old toothbrush and apply on its sides. This will give an appearance of orange’s peel.

  • 4

    Make grapes

    Now you need to make grapes out of the purple clay. You need to roll many tiny pieces of purple clay and then a small green leaf so it forms a grape leaf.

  • 5


    In order to create banana, you need to get yellow clay. Curve it in a shape that it looks like banana. Add small quantity of cocoa in order to give it more real look.

    After making these fruits, you need to place them all in the fruit bowl you created earlier. Place it on the kitchen table in the end.

  • 6


    For making vegetables, you can use the clay needed for fruits. Take orange clay to create carrots and green clay for making lettuce leaves.

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