How to Make Edible Egg Yolk Paint on Cookies

You can customize the outlook of your cookies by painting them with various colours. Whether you’re baking the cookies for some occasion or just for your hobby, you can design them the way you like using the cookie paint. Cookie paints are generally made by mixing edible food colours along with egg yolk. The process is quite easy and can be further improved through your own creativity.


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    The first step that you need to do is to have egg yolks in a small bowl. Use a fork to mix up the yolks. Add a few drops of food colour to the egg yolk. Make sure that the egg yolk you use should be edible. You can find these food colours from a nearby grocery store without much trouble. Stir the mixture slowly so that the colour is thoroughly mixed with the egg yolks.

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    Keep in mind that the egg yolk is yellow, so whenever you’ll add another colour it wouldn’t give you the desired colour. Therefore you must mix different colours in order to create you’re the colour you want to use. You can also play with the colours and who knows you might just come up with some very nice colours to paint your cookies. Use one egg yolk for each colour.

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    Once you have mixed up the mixture, your cookie paint is ready to be used. All you need now are your cookies. If you have the cookies prepared before, you’ll just have to apply the paint as per your desire.

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    Paint the cookies using different colours of your cookie paint. You can use any type of brush to apply the paint on the cookies. However, make sure that the brushes are new and clean. Once the painting phase in completed, wash the paint brushed well and put them aside for future use.

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    Bake the cookies as directed on the package or the recipe you used after painting your cookies. You can also add other ingredients to your cookies as well. Such as coloured sugar or candy sprinkles upon your cookies. Make sure you do that before baking. Let the cookies cool at room temperature after they’ve been baked. You can further decorate them by including some cookie art. Use frost piping or make faces upon your cookies to make them look cute.

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    The cookie presentation just not only last till painting and baking the cookies. How you present your cookies is important as well. Whether you’re giving away your cookies as a gift or serving them to guest, make sure that you add further decoration to enhance their outlook. You can also buy a decorative tin and line it with some colorful plastic wrap, filling it with the painted cookies.

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