How To Make Hair Tracks from Extensions

The best way to obtain an immediately longer and better look for your hair is to make use of extensions. But additions can be expensive. If you are a person who prefers to change your hair from short to long now and then, you might pressure yourself with the costs and expenses. The solution here is for you to learn how to make your hair longer from additions. Creating hair tracks is more affordable because you are actually combining the additions together, as in comparison to per follicle additions, which are very boring and expensive. With locks paths, you will be able to increase the use of additions with your own method.

Things Required:

– Scissors
– Hair clips
– Thread
– Needle
– Hair Extensions


  • 1

    Make sure that the additions you are going to use combine with your hair. Also, observe the content they are created of. Obviously, additions created from organic locks are more expensive. But if you will just search well, you will find many kinds of additions of excellent content with inexpensive price points.

  • 2

    Examine your locks – its width, duration and structure – to give you an idea as to how many paths you need to incorporate. The wider your organic locks is, the fewer paths you need. In the same way, length of your hair will decide how long the tracks you have to make.

  • 3

    If you want to make your locks look bigger, you can fold one strip of additions in two so you will be able to make more paths out of the staying additions you have. Put the paths together at one end to form a weft. Typically, you will require two locks paths for each section.

  • 4

    Spread the weft on a surface and analyse if it is in directly line and well arranged. Modify the measures by solving the times or cutting the finishes a little bit.

  • 5

    Start stitching the paths by placing the hook on the gaps of the locks clip, starting from one end going to the other end. The locks clip and line shades must also go along with of the paths. Do it over again until you are sure the paths are well in place.

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