How to Make Indian Herbal Shampoo At Home

Hair is certainly one of the determining factors of beauty but unfortunately stress and work load of daily life has made people careless about their hair. Though, it sounds funny but it is an established fact that stress leaves negative effects on hair growth.

This includes alopecia or thinning of hair, dandruff and ultimately hair loss. Usually, people go for a cosmetic shampoo which doubles the trouble as the chemicals carry many side effects.

In this situation, using herbs like soap nut, chamomile, rosemary, marigold, henna, olive etc can really help you to keep your hair healthy and clean.


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    The first thing you should do is to make a list of herbs that can make your hair strong, shiny and clear all the dandruff. For that, you should use the type for your hair. For instance, if you have oily hair then pick rosemary leaves, peppermint leaves and lemongrass. If you have dry hair then using chamomile flower, crushed orange flower and red clover can be beneficial. Similarly, sage, nettle and tea tree leaves can do wonders in stopping hair loss.

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    Visit your nearest medical store and ask for the herbs you want. You may have to spend some time to get these herbs but do not quit searching. While purchasing things for your homemade shampoo, you should use dried herbs as they will be a lot easier to soak. However, you may need some fresh herbs to make combinations.

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    Prepare these herbs for processing. Break the dried nuts and herbs to take out the seeds inside them. Similarly, you will remove the stems of fresh herbs like mint leaves, rosemary leaves etc. Throw these useless things away and put all the herbs in a large container/ saucepan.

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    Take a separate pot and boil 7 ounces of distilled or spring water. Now put your herbs in a strainer and then pour boiling water to get the natural essence and aroma of these herbs.

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    Boil them for at least 15 minutes and then let the mixture cool. Add soaked herbs in the container and let them steep for 15 to 20 minutes. However, you can keep them in this process for more time as the strength of your shampoo depends on how well you steep.

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    Now take a bottle which can preserve 8 ounces of liquid. Add 4 tablespoons of castile soap and then pour the juice from the herbs into the bottle. Close the bottle and shake well to combine the ingredients properly.

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