How to Make Money Playing Video Games

Making money doing what you love is something everyone wants, and every passionate gamer is no different. Fortunately, there are a lot of opportunities for gamers to monetize their hobby and make money from it. They can participate in gaming tournaments and grab the prize money or become game testers, tasked with finding bugs in alpha and beta versions. However, you need to be really good at what you do and take every opportunity positively to secure money.

Things Required:

– Video Game Console/Gaming Computer
– Internet


  • 1

    Learn tips and tricks

    You are required to know strategy guides, tips and tricks of video games you like. By learning these, you will increase your chances of winning. You can read walk-throughs, FAQs and watch videos to learn tips and tricks.

  • 2

    Master a game you love

    You need to choose a game which you have interest in or which you love playing, and master it. You need to practice playing it solo or with your friends over LAN in order to get better at it. Try different tricks and experiment with your style to learn every aspect.

  • 3

    Enter video games contests

    You can earn lots of money by entering video game competitions. Check out your local gaming café and enter the contests available. Even finishing in third place will let you bag lots of money and prizes. However, you are required to practice very hard and be perfect in your execution in order to put up a good show.

  • 4

    Start entering the tournaments with low entry fees

    It is advisable for you to enter online tournaments which have less entry fees in start. Once you start winning them, you can try your luck in tournaments with high entry fees.

  • 5

    Online competitions

    You can even enter online competitions for earning money by playing video games. Checkout websites such as Worldwinner, which let participants from across the United States of America play in video game tournaments and win cash prizes. However, you should check your state regulations about playing contests for money online. A few states, like Maryland, do not allow people to take part in online contests for cash.

  • 6

    Become a game tester

    Instead of entering tournaments, you can become a game tester to earn bucks. Game developers are seeking veteran gamers to test out upcoming releases and underdevelopment projects. They need experienced gamers to look for bugs and glitches in games before they hit the mainstream.

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