How to Make Periods Shorter Naturally

Periods are the most dreaded time of the month for women; nobody enjoys this time. It still is the most reliable way to determine your pregnancy. The bleeding varies from woman to woman. Some might have a heavy flow for more days while others have a lighter flow and for a less number of days. It has been one of the topics of interest for woman as they want them to end it quickly. The best way to deal with this is to talk to a gynecologist, but you should also be educated yourself about the topic.


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    Physical activity

    Have you ever thought how athletes run even if they are on their periods? There is a relation between periods and exercise that many of us are unaware of. It is one of the most natural ways to decrease the cycle. The exercise will help in increasing the circulation. You could go jogging, do aerobics, take a brisk walk or any other activity that gets your heart beating faster. Only a proper workout will have an effect on periods as light activity will make no difference. If you exercise enough, the periods cycle may even be reduced to half.

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    It is said that heating your body, especially around the uterus will shorten the periods. When you get your periods, put a hot water bottle or a heating pad around that area. Keep it there while you are reading or watching television or sitting on the computer. It also helps in easing the pain. Another way to give heat is to take a hot shower, but do not stay in the shower for a long time. Both these activities will give enough heat to the body to help the periods get shorter.

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    Salt & Water

    If the body is not properly hydrated, periods will be longer. If you really want the cycle to get shorter, drink a lot of water or tea. It ensures that the fluids in the body are moving at a fast rate. Another factor that keeps the periods longer is the high consumption of salt in our daily diet. If you want to decrease the days of your periods, stay away from foods like chips, deep fried items or any salty foods that break your resistance. It works in the same way as keeping your body hydrated. A lot of salt helps the body to retain more fluid inside, which hinders their movement and keeps the periods prolonged.

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