How to Make Rope Web Ladder

A rope web ladder can be used for a variety of purposes. It is often found in play grounds for children to climb up and at military facilities as a part of training regimes for troops. The rope ladder by no means is an easy ladder to climb and its instability adds to the challenge.

One can be made at home without much trouble and can be helpful in taking on a bit of a challenge for yourself. You can make one pretty cheaply and can save a bunch of money that you would have spent on buying one.


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    Cut Lengths of Rope

    The first that you need to do is to cut six equal lengths of rope. Make sure that you get good quality rope so that it does not get damaged quickly when it is being used. These need to be exactly eight feet in length and place them all right next to each other.  Place them parallel at a distance of one foot each. Alternate them vertically and horizontally while you lay them down on the ground.

  • 2

    Tie Knots

    Start from the left most length of rope and tie a knot. Then tie another one at a distance of one foot and continue the process until you run out of the rope. This should give you a total of six knots. Repeat the procedure will all the remaining lengths of rope.

  • 3

    Make Cross Sections

    Start from the left most horizontal rope and secure a good knot above the knot of the corresponding vertical length of rope. Work your way across all the ropes. A double knot will strengthen the ladder. Continue until all the ropes have been interconnected in the same manner.

  • 4

    Cut Excess

    Once you are done with tying the knots together, cut the excess rope as it will not be needed. Make sure that the rope web ladder is having a length of five feet by five feet.

  • 5

    Place it

    Now that the rope is ready, place it somewhere it can be used. The children will love a bit of a challenge of climbing up the rope ladder and you can also join them in the fun.

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