How to Make Wassail with Apple Juice

Wassail is everyone’s favorite! A simple substitute to alcoholic drinks! This is a hot punch drink and is served in the English culture and as a part of important ceremonies in England. Since the drink is low in fat and salt, it is liked by everyone and serves to make a good substitute for those who cannot have alcoholic drinks. And the taste is great! You take a sip once and you will simply find it irresistible! So make it on your own with our step by step recipe and enjoy the sweet traditional holiday toast. As it is a punch so it is made with 5 different juices along with sugar and water. The drink is a combination of any of the various fruits juices and therefore you may choose any of the fruits you like. But the main ingredient which is apple juice remains the same. The wassail drink with apple juice is prepared by simply boiling together all the fruit juices; however in this recipe we will add a spice sac to give a little more twist to the taste. So let’s see how to prepare it:

Prep time: 5 min
Cook time: 4 to 5 hours
Total time: Around 5 hours and 5 min
Yield: 5 to 6 servings
Utensils: Glasses, Cooker, Muslin Cloth (for spice sac)

Apple juice (frozen): 12 ounce
Cranberry juice (frozen): 12 ounce
Raspberry juice (frozen): 12 ounce
Pineapple juice (frozen): 12 ounce
Rum: 12 ounces
Lemon juice: ½ cup
Sugar: 4 teaspoons
Spice Sac
Crushed cinnamon: 1 cup
Cloves (whole): 1/2 cup


  • 1

    Firstly we will prepare a spice sac with the help of muslin cloth. For this cut the muslin cloth in the shape of a square that should be almost 6 inches in length. Now put the crushed cinnamon and cloves in the middle of the cloth and tightly tie this muslin cloth from all the four corners. Make sure the sac is not letting out the flavoring ingredients out from any corner.

  • 2

    Next add 6 glasses of water in a cooker along with rum, apple, cranberry, raspberry, pineapple, and lemon juice. Don’t forget to add the spice sac in it. Leave it and let it cook on slow heat for the next 4 hours.

  • 3

    Once the drink is prepared take it off from the flame. Now we no longer need the spice sac as the entire flavor has penetrated the juice so throw away the spice sac.

  • 4

    Your wassail apple juice is almost ready. So pour the drink in glasses and serve. Have a happy holiday toast!

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