How to Make Wooden Beams Fire Resistant

Wood is one of the most used building materials when it comes to houses. Every house will have some in it and in many countries; the houses are entirely made of wood. Although it is a fine construction material, it is at risk of catching fire. It such a case, the house can come down pretty quickly and escaping the fire can be hard.

That can happen particularly quickly if the wooden beams of the house catch fire. That can be delayed in order to escape and buy some time for the fire department to come and help.


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    Calculate the total area which is covered by the beams in your house. Make sure that you take into account each and every beam so that once you start the actual job, you do not run out of supplies.

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    Get the Flame Retardant

    This is a solution that is available in home improvement stores which helps in reducing the effects of fire on the wood. Although it cannot eliminate the burning ability of the wood, it can certainly protect it for a while and slow down the process of the roof collapse due to the beams giving way.

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    Prepare the Product

    There will be instructions with the solution from the manufacturer which you can use to prepare it. Make sure that you follow them as it is not your ordinary paint job that will be fine if it does not work as you planned. This is a very serious matter so make sure that the solution is made properly.

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    Apply an Even Coat

    Now that the solution is ready, it needs to be applied. Apply an even coat and make sure that none of the areas of the beam are left. You will use a paint brush for this purpose. If the beams are high, have a stable work ladder available and make sure that you give a coat to each of the exposed areas of the beams.

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    Let the first coat dry properly before you give it a second coat. Generally there will be a suggested number of coats on the label of the product so be sure to follow that. Once the solution has been put on, the beams will become first resistant.

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