How to Make Yourself a Better Person

In order to become a better person is a process. Regardless of how good somebody is, one can’t be an ideal person overnight. So it’s very significant thing that you grow every day. Make growing a common practice and you will see major development when you look into your past. But, in my point of view, becoming a good person starts-off with being selfless. Carrying out good deeds for other people without expecting to get from it is one of the most gratifying experiences that one can feel in a lifetime.


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    The initial step is to commit yourself towards growth; you have to be determinant for your personal growth. The more you grow the better person you become.

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    Try to work on your negative traits, as none is perfect in this world every person has some negative traits like: self-regard, arrogance, crudity, stability etc. Keep on working on each one by one; this will be more manageable and achievable.

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    Identify your ideal character, imagine your ideal person in your mind, and then note down all the traits of your ideal persona. Now try to adopt all the ideal traits of that character.

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    You only have 2 parents in your life, so try to make each minute of your time a quality time with them. If your relationship with your parents is non-ideal, try to change it in a healthy relationship by your tolerance. Similarly try to be a better friend, good partner and a better parent, if you have children.

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    Enhance your skills; your skills are similar to the tools in your toolbox. The more skills you have, the more able you become. It can be like: learn something new and sharp your present skills.

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    Try to accept the differences; the world is full of different people, diverse thinking, dissimilar lifestyles and distinct cultures. As they put in variety and color into our life, if everyone is the same, life will be so monotonous and even.

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