How to Manage your Weight

A person needs to stay healthy and good for a better and long life. He/she needs to maintain his/her weight for this purpose. It is different than losing weight as you are trying to maintain your weight only. Your focus is not to gain weight. You can achieve your purpose of maintaining weight through number of ways. The main procedure is a healthy diet with daily exercise. Remember that you are not required to take extreme survey to control your weight. With some simple guidelines, you can easily manage your weight and body.


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    Control the food

    First you need to control the food you consume. Start with a healthy breakfast which includes proper amount of cereal, bread, eggs, breakfast bars and fruit juices. Remember not to stay hungry in lunch and dinner times. You need to consume small amount of food and mix them with vegetables. Furthermore, you should lower your fast food consumption and avoid fatty processed foods. For salads, you need to avoid eating with heavy creamy dressing.

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    Sweet items

    You need to lower consumption of sweet food items. You can consume once in a week your favourite sweet dish. Besides this you need to focus on eating fruits and covering it for your sweet hunger. After every meal, you can just taste or have a little amount of dessert.

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    Exercise daily

    It is strongly recommended that you burn your calories daily. For this purpose you need to exercise daily. You can walk, run, jog or do any cardio exercises. Do exercises in your house by getting some weights and a treadmill. You can even join a gym or jog in the park near your house.

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    Watch out for your calorie intake

    You need to check your daily calorie intake. Females should consume 1200 calories per day whereas males should take 1500 calories in a day. Remember that you need to adjust the calories if you exercise more or perform more physical activities. You should not give up eating food at all, simply balance your diet.

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    You should drink eight glasses of water workaday in order to stay hydrated. It is strongly recommended that you drink water before meals. By this you will feel less hungry. In addition to this, you need to keep your distance from carbonated drinks like soft drinks or sodas.

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