How to Monitor Android Data Use

One of the most common problem that smartphone, including Android phones, users face is over-billing, which is because they cannot keep a track of their data use. Generally, there is confusion about the availability of total internet limit and its use. Consumers simply cannot know how much internet they have used, and often end up using it well over the limit.

There are a number of solutions for Android phones users to keep a record of their data. They, in fact, can consciously monitor use of data and plan it accordingly. Since data services are generally accessed through mobile network operator, they offer applications to monitor it. There are some applications available from third-party developers, which can be directly downloaded and installed on the Android phones, and effectively used to monitor data. Here are some of the suggestions that may help you track down your data usage.


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    Mobile Network Operator Application

    Mobile network operators offer different data plans to Android users, and tell the ways how they can keep a record of it. For example, in the United States the network carrier Verizon offers an application called My Verizon. Once installed, this application helps to monitor your Android data while it is used. Similarly, AT&T has myAT&T application, which performs a similar function. Operators in other countries have applications of their own, which can be downloaded from their websites or through free sources and used.

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    3G (3rd Generation) Watchdog

    It is an open source application, available for download from third-party developers. Once installed, it tracks down data in raw form from your mobile and then calculate it use. You will also need to set your data limit, alerts and billing cycles. The alerts keep you aware about the data use, by updating you in form of table. It is one of the most effective data monitor application.

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    My Data Manager Application

    My data manager is also a third-party application, free to download and use. Just like 3G Watchdog, it collects data from all sources available on your Android phone and notifies you about the use in statistical form. This can also help you know which applications are data hogs.

    Once you installed My Data Manager on your phone, put in details of your data plan. You can set alerts at a frequency you want to be notified about the data usage.

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