How to Organize your School Locker

Locker is probably one of the most badly treated places by a school student. Soon after finishing with a class, a student is often seen stuffing the space with books, stationery and sometimes even clothes. It is often an hassle for a student to get out books and stationery they want without causing inconvenience.

One of the problems with the school lockers is that they have little space and if it is not used properly and sensibly, it is even too little to accommodate books. In the mismanagement of the locker, it is likely that the student leave much of the space unused, to create further problems for themselves.

The right way to use your school locker is to organize it properly, make effective utilization of every inch of space in it and get true benefits of it. One of the main benefits of a locker is that it shares the load you carry in your backpack, while switching between classes.


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    Position Books Properly

    One way to make effective use of your locker room is to organize the way you place your books and notebooks in it. Placing each book and notebook in upright position is a generally recommended way. If your locker has narrow space, it will give you space to adjust in a maximum number of books and notebooks.

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    Add Shelves

    If you are unable to make effective use of your locker in any other way, add a shelf or two into it. You can buy them online or evenĀ from book stores. This will help you to create some extra space for positioning your stuff in the locker.

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    Make Use of All Space

    It is often possible that you are using space at front of your locker. Since you do not access it up to the last corner, it creates space shortage. You can place rarely used things at the corners of your locker, and use a torch light if you cannot see things properly in those corners. Putting stationery and some other less frequently used things can help create more space for you.

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    Use Binders

    Use of binders or notebooks as binders can help you to effectively organize your locker. This will also help you to quickly access books and notebooks you need at a moment and placing back those which you do not want then.

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    Keep Electronic Gadgets With You

    A locker can sometimes become a subject of a break-in if you have left your laptop or any other electronic gadget in it. It is better you keep these things with you all the time, during your classes and while going back home.

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