How to Paint Freehand with a Double Action Airbrush

Painting freehand with a double action airbrush is quite difficult as many problems could occur during the process. There are some control elements which are very important to have successful mastery to paint freehand with a double action airbrush. You can find many ways to paint during airbrushing but you also have to make sure as to what kind of problems you could face ranging from airbrush conical shape to hard tip of the airbrush. Sometimes the particles become more disperse and does not give a good finish. However, if you practice, you can achieve complete mastery.


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    Collect information

    To know about painting freehand with a double action airbrush is very important. You need to know about the different aspects of this technique along with its problems. Sometimes you have to understand that suction type airbrush gives a lot of trouble and the paint does not come out of the nozzle properly. To solve a majority of these problems, you need to understand as to how well the lid of the brush opens while painting. To get all the information, you can use many sources as well. Nowadays the internet is a big source of information. You can get reliable and useful information from it. You can get information by asking experienced people as they will tell you exactly what you need to do to avoid little problems which come with try to painting freehand with a double action airbrush.

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    Distance from painting object

    Maintaining a slight distance from the painting object is important. It will give you good control to paint freehand with a double action airbrush. Sometimes the paint from airbrush comes with a conical shape. You should understand that the conical shape is for painting the object and the paint particles become more disperse as the process will start. The tip of the brush is also important as to how well you hold the airbrush.

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    Bottom and top of single action airbrush

    When you press the button, the bottom and top of the single and double airbrush allow the artist to control the air flow. By controlling the air flow, you can now control even more efficiently and paint the edges with ease.

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    Speed is another factor which is very important while painting freehand with a double action airbrush.

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