How to Pick the Right Thong

Thong is one of the most popular undergarments used by girls and are mostly used as underwear or for swimming purposes. Nowadays, most females wear a thong when in a pool or at the beach. The most common reason for popularity of thong is the comfort level and its attractive design. Generally, girls wear thongs under their sexy shorts, skirts and other outfits. Not to mention, thong has become an essential part of a girl’s attire when she is on a party or going to a beach.


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    Go to your nearest shopping mall

    In order to pick the right thong, you must go to your nearest shopping mall. The trend for online shopping has considerably increased but it is strongly suggested that you should never buy your undergarments through an online store as you do not want to fall prey for the low quality. Like other products, the quality of thongs can vary from brand to brand but if their quality is not up to the mark, thongs can be very itchy and uncomfortable. Therefore, it is strongly advised that you must go to a retailer and buy the thong of your choice after checking its quality. You can buy a branded thong or from your local brand depending upon your pockets. If you are going to buy thong for the first time, then you should take someone who has the experience and can help you buy the best thong for you.

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    Choose the style of your choice

    Apart from the different quality levels, thongs also come in different styles which also vary in the amount of coverage. There different styles of thongs are G-strong, T-strong, V-strong and Tanga thong. If you want minimum coverage and maximum style, you must buy a G-string thong. In contrast, a T-string thong has a relatively larger waist band and forms a ‘T’ on the back of the user. On the contrary, a V-strong thong offers maximum coverage to a lady as it forms a V shape while a Tanga thong is mostly used by women for swimming purposes.

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    Try your thong

    Some stores do not allow the customers to try thongs on for hygiene issues. You must ask the salesperson and if the store allows, then you must go to the try room and check out your thong. A salesperson will never say anything against its products, so you must make the decision on your own and do not fall for their words.

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