How to Place an Ad on a WordPress Blog

Blogging has become a widespread phenomenon in the past few years. It has opened new doors for the people to interact with their target audiences through their work. It has not only removed the communication gap amongst the people around the globe, but has also made communication easy and very cheap.

WordPress is one of the largest platforms which you can use to create blogs of your choice. You can also display different kinds of ads on your WordPress blog to earn money online. If you are looking forward to place an ad on your blog, you can take help from the given steps.


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    First of all, you have to create thorough understanding about an ad which is displayed online. Although, basic purpose of the ad which is displayed online is same to the one which is displayed on a billboard or banner, but the mechanism of payment is different. In case of online ads, you will be paid according to the number of clicks. Furthermore, there is a code of every ad which you will have to paste in your post so as to display it on your blog.

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    Open your blog’s dashboard and go to create new post option. Then, click on the option of ad and enter the code which you received from the advertiser. Normally, the ads are displayed on the top bar, right side bar and bottom of your blog. However, you can place the ad anywhere you want by putting the code in the respective place.

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    You can also put an ad which contains a photo into your text widget. It is extremely important for you to understand that you don’t have to enter the name of the title for your text widget. Just enter the code of your ad in the editing box. You can also add two ads in one text widget at the same time (by placing them vertically and horizontally).

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    The best source to get ads for your blog is Google Adsense. It is the biggest online advertiser which provides ads for bloggers and other website owners on consistent basis with reliability of payment. You can easily add Google Adsense ad on your blog by installing the Quick Google Adsense plugin. Then, just paste the codes in your posts to display ads at the respective placing.

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