How to Prepare Your Body for a Fast

Fasting is an important part of many religions of the world. Apart from being practised regularly to please God, a fast can be extremely beneficial for your physical as well as mental health. It can be immensely effective in cleansing the body and the mind. However, in order to make the most of fasting, you must prepare your body appropriately; otherwise, it may harm your health.

Most commonly, initial 5 or 6 fasts are considered to be the most difficult ones as a human body takes time to adjust to a changed routine. However, if you have prepared your body for fasting, the transition from routine life to fasting would be much more convenient.


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    Educate yourself

    The first and the most important step is to educate yourself about the techniques used in fasting. You should also know the reason behind fasting and the required spirit. By knowing that some of the greatest messengers of God had also fasted to please their creator, you would be naturally motivated to fast and it would become a lot easier for you to face the difficulties of going through the process.

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    Make a schedule

    By making a schedule of fasting and a proper timetable, you can prepare yourself. Write down the eating plan which you are going to follow before and after fasting.

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    Cut down on your addictions

    If you drink or smoke regularly, you need to cut down on your addictions a few days prior to fasting. Apart from that, you should also limit your use of caffeine, salt, sugar etc. Cutting them off all of a sudden is going to be extremely difficult and may cause headache, discomfort or stomachache.

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    Eat smaller meals

    A weak before fasting, you should begin to eat smaller meals. This would help your body prepare for fasting. You should cut down on your meals some days before fasting as it would actually signal your stomach, mind and the rest of the body about the upcoming fasts.

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    Resist your thirst

    It is highly recommended by health experts that you drink a minimum of 8 glasses of water in all circumstances. However, in order to prepare your body for fasting, you should resist your thirst for a couple of hours about 2 or 3 times a day. This would really help you immensely in going through a fast without much of a trouble.

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