How to Prevent Internet Fraud

Internet fraud or scams have become a very common problem on the Internet these days and people who buy and sell things online have to keep their guard up at all times to avoid losing money. While it is not hard to prevent scams and fraud, but people who have never been victims before are usually more vulnerable as they have no idea what can get them into trouble and what can keep them safe.

There are some must-do things which you can follow to help yourself avoid Internet fraud or scams and save your hard-earned money.


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    Be careful when shopping online

    Be extra careful when you are shopping online as this is where most scammers find themselves at ease. When you decide to buy something from a vendor online, be sure to ask them about their location. If they hesitate to tell you, chances are they are not a legitimate business. Remember, all the popular payment processors do not let you register yourself with them unless you tell them their identity, bank details and of course location.

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    Avoid electronic transfers

    Do not pay for products/services via electronic transfer without first getting to know the vendor or seller. Electronic transfer may mean that your seller/vendor was not eligible to register with payment processor (PayPal for example). They might have been rejected by the payment processing companies due to not giving proper bank and business details. Although not all companies that take money electronically are illegitimate, keeping your guard up and checking for their legitimacy first is the key to avoiding fraud.

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    Always use secure payment processor

    Payment processors like PayPal, Moneybookers are considered among the most reliable payment gateways being used by most of the legitimate businesses online.

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    Do not give out personal information to unknown people

    Personal information like your name, home address and bank details should always be kept secret if you are socialising with unknown persons on the internet. Social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter are full of scammers who look for a chance to fool people and make easy money.

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    Never pay attention to spam emails

    You must have been having a deluge of spam emails in your inbox for a long time. But the best way to deal with spam mails is to put them into junk mail and ignore them. Spam emails often come with attractive packages like cheap properties, vehicles and other stuff. Scammers may sometimes surprise you by informing you that you have won a lottery.

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