How to Quickly Remove Tooth Ache

It often happens that your tooth continues to hurt even after visiting the dentist. This may be due to a number of reasons. The perception of pain for 4-5 hours after the seal is quite normal, since the nerve endings respond to manipulation in the aftermath of the treatment.

Toothache is almost unbearable feeling, especially when there is a stripped nerve. Only timely examination and dental treatment by a dentist will save you from acute pain during the period. Fortunately, you can yourself conduct some treatment methods to lessen the pain even if the dental clinic is out of reach.


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    If the filled tooth hurts quite a long time, the cause of the pain is the appearance of re-caries. This situation occurs when a doctor improperly treated the affected tooth drill and sealed. After sealing pulpits or inflammation of the nerve may appear. You should contact your dentist. He will remove the seal, clean the cavity and remove the pulp. If the doctor believes that the tooth can be saved, then he/she will prescribe treatment and might advise you to take anti-inflammatory drugs and antibiotics.

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    Periodontitis may develop under the newly set seal causing pain to the patient. Resolve the problem by re-treatment. The dentist removes the supplied seal and reams channel, sets the medicine and put a temporary filling. A week later, the temporary filling is removed, remove the nerve and conduct a second sealing.

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    If the pain is severe and the dental clinic near you is closed, you can rinse your mouth with salt and take painkillers. Pain caused after any temporary filling is perfectly normal and arises in reaction of the treatment or the drug, which is placed before the procedure in the removal of the nerve.

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    Add 1 tablespoon of salt in a cup of warm water. Rinse your mouth every 15 minutes until the pain passes.

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    Also, the tooth may ache after treatment if there was a cyst. Laser removal of the cyst is performed without incision. In some cases, if the cyst is large enough to keep the tooth, doctor performs the removal and cleanses the cyst with a tool.

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    Pain after treatment may be caused after an allergic reaction to the material filling. There is only one way to eliminate it and it is to remove the seal and seal the tooth with another material.

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