How to Receive Podcasts on iPhone

One of the great benefits of mobile phones or any other wireless devices is that they allow consumer access programmes and applications they want to while being on the move, without a help of their PCs or Laptops. iPhone is one of the most popular smartphones in this arena. The consumers can particularly enjoy listening to music while on the move i.e. driving when they do not have an access to their computers. Now when wireless technologies such Wi-Fi has been made available through free-hot spots throughout country, consumer can benefit from free downloadable music applications such podcasts direct onto their iPhones and enjoy listening to music while driving or watch some other programmes when free but without access to their computers.

A simple method to access podcasts onto the mobile phones is to download podcasts on your PC or laptop and transfer to the phone. iPhone however has made it easy now to download podcasts directly onto your phone without accessing your computers.  You just have to have an internet connection available in the area where you are. For example, if you are in a cafe or another place that has a free Wi-Fi hotspot, you can connect your phone directly to it to use internet for multiple purposes.


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    Browse iTunes Store

    If you have an internet connection available at your location, you just connect to it and browse iTunes, and select podcast you want to listen to. If you intend to download a music podcast, you have to select it first. A similar process is followed to download podcasts on different issues from other sources directly onto your phone. But make sure the website or download link you are using is safe for downloading and use. It should not cause any security risk.

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    Downloading Episodes of a Podcast

    In case of a music podcast, you might have a number of episodes of it. You can look for one you want to download and click it for the download on the pop-up window. Generally all podcasts are free, but you might be required to sign in or register etc. There are some podcasts, which might require you to pay.

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    Getting More Episodes

    If you are downloading a music podcast, you just need to click on the iPod application on your iPhone and start listening to it straight way. Similar other podcasts can be watched or listened to from your phone. You can access more episode of the same podcast by a similar process.

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