How to Record an Answering Machine Message

Answering Machines are a convenient device because they allow you to stay connected and not miss important calls or messages.

You need to activate this service after following a plan offered by you telecommunication service. Once activated, even if your phone is switched off, you can learn about all the callers that dialled your number at any given time. Above all, you can listen to voice mails or text messages after installing and activating this device. Follow some basic methods if you want to record an answering machine message.


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    Connect an answering machine to your phone. There are two types of auto responders: built and contained. They are about equally easy to operate. The only disadvantage of an individual answering machine is the need to use additional telephone cables to connect. Based upon your subscription and type of telecom service, automatic responses can be divided into digital and analogue.

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    Turn on the answering machine in the network and then plug the wire from the phone to the telephone network switch. In the case of an integrated answering machine, the process is much easier because it is built-in the phone and you only need one phone cord for the process.

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    To record a greeting message using analogue voice mail, press the record key to start recording your voice message. Decide on the text of the greeting message to be on your answering machine. It should be short and extremely clear.

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    If you are using a digital answering machine, go to the main menu and select "Save message". Record your message, save it and confirm your action after listening to it. From now on people will listen to the recorded message if you don't answer the phone. If you do not like the recorded message, do not save the changes.

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    If you want to leave a message on the answering machine of another user, do the following process. Type a phone number, listen to the greeting message and record your message after listening to the sound of the beep. As a rule, it should not last long (not more than 10-15 seconds). Leave a message and hang up.

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