How to Reduce Chafing at the Beach

During an outing at the beach, chaffing can cause extensive skin damage. Skin irritation and in severe cases inflammation occurs when sand and salt rub against your skin beneath the bathing suit, especially when the sun is shinning full. However, it is possible to effectively reduce chafing by making use of a few simple techniques.


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    To avoid sand from ending up on undesired body parts, you should wear skin tight undergarments before going to the beach. These undergarments are made of spandex, a stretchy polyurethane fabric which has sand and dust repellent properties.

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    The lining on your bathing suit can become a major contributing factor to chafing at the beach. It traps the sand accumulated on your skin when you get into the water. You swimming strokes cause the sand to be rubbed against your skin, which causes chaffing. Remove the bathing suit lining to ensure most of sand particles on your skin are washed away when go in water.

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    Taking a number of showers during your stay at the beach can greatly help in reducing chaffing. Many people take a sloe shower before they leave for home. This is not a good idea because you will have to get rid of the sand particles trapped in your bathing suit as often and as soon as possible if you want to avoid chaffing. Use the public showers, commonly located near the parking lot to take multiple showers.

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    An effective way to reduce chaffing is to reduce contact with sand. You should rent a beach chair at a very nominal price. Relax on the beach chair instead of a blanket spread on sand.

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    If you are in the mood to relax and do not plan to go in water again for quite a while, change into fresh clothes after taking a shower. Do not leave the bathing suit on. Even though you got rid of the lining on it, your bathing suit can still trap sand particles becoming a cause of chaffing.

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