How to Register to Vote in Wisconsin

Voting is a fundamental right of every citizen in the United States and it is something that you should use to elect a public representative who will actually work for the people and the country. Unfortunately however, not a lot of people take voting seriously, which means deserving people never come to the forefront. To ensure the country’s betterment, it is imperative that every citizen registers to vote and takes part in elections.

In Wisconsin, registering your vote is not as easy as it may be in other regions of the United States simply because the state does not offer registration at DMV offices. However, there are many other ways to register your vote.


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    In the state of Wisconsin, you are required to be at least 18 years of age along with being a United States citizen in order to vote. It is also mandatory that you have been living in the area for a minimum of 28 days before the elections take place.

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    Registering by Mail

    By logging on to website, you can download and complete an ‘Application for Voter Registration’ form, which will allow you to register your vote through mail. If this is your first registration, including proof of residency is also required when you mail the completed application form to your local municipal clerk.

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    Registering in Person

    In the state of Wisconsin, it is required that you register for your vote on the Friday before the election, with the local municipal clerk, if you wish to do so in person. Having a Wisconsin-issued driver license is necessary in order to register, and if you do not have one, you can bring along your Social Security information or a valid state-issued ID card.

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    Election Day

    To make voting possible for everyone, people can also register to vote and do so on election day. This is something that has been empowered through Wisconsin election laws and is done at your local polling station. For this, you need to bring your driver license or social security number or a valid ID card along with proof of residency.

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    Absentee Voting

    Voting without being present is also another way of voting in Wisconsin. This can be done by filling out an absentee ballot and mailing it to your local municipal clerk, who should receive it before 5 p.m. on the Thursday prior to the elections.

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