How to Relieve Painful Chafing

Chafing is among extremely annoying and uncomfortable skin problems, usually caused by rubbing of the skin together during various day to day activities.  Chafing irritates the skin and gives birth to severe pain. Sweating and rubbing of cloth with the skin makes the chafing even worse. Running, walking, exercises, tight clothing, and obesity etc are the main reason of this irritating skin problem, which is evenly common among women and men. On the other hand, reddened skin, blazing sensation, stinging, swelling, inflammation, and itching etc are the main symptoms of chafing.

Do not make the mistake of ignoring chafing as it can get worse with the passage of time and can be perilous, mainly for those at risk for infection. Therefore, go through the very simple but effective ways to treat chafing when it does happen to you:


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    Natural ways to Relieve Painful Chafing

    Prevention is better than cure; therefore, try to keep yourself dry during daily activities in order to avoid chafing.

    Keep the affected area dry: In case if you have already suffered from it, then the rule of thumb to heal it is to keep the affected area dry. Make sure to keep your skin dry even if you are sweating.

    Keep the chafed skin uncovered: Lock your room for a few hours and walk around nude for some time.

    Proper cleaning of the affected area:
    Keep the chaffing skin clean all the time until you get rid of this skin problem. Wash the area with lukewarm water and mild soap to prevent germs attack and wipe it dry with a soft towel or tissue paper.

    Note: Always use clean towel to wipe the skin chafing and do not rub it against the skin.

    Wrap the chafing skin: Cover the skin chaffing after washing it. You can use an adhesive bandage, band aid or sterile gauze for this purpose, protecting the skin from further chafing.

    Take a time-out: Identify the main activities of your chafing skin and avoid them until you get rid of it. In the meantime, think about the possible ways to avoid skin chaffing in future.

    Stay hydrated: Drink at least 8 to 12 glasses of water daily as it takes no time to get rid of chafing with hydrated skin.

    Adjust your diet: Increase the intake of the food items that contain Vitamin A, Vitamin C, and Zinc. These elements basically stimulate the healing process of skin chafing. 

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    Change your clothing to Relieve Painful Chafing

    Tight clothing is the main reason of chaffing, therefore, try to wear outfit that is neither too loose nor too tight. Make sure to wear cotton attire during walking, running, exercises or sports activities. Secondly, change clothes on daily basis.

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    Exercises to Relieve Painful Chafing

    You can reduce the painful skin chaffing with the help of some effective exercises, which are as given below:

    Jump Squats: Jump Squat is a challenging exercise where you have to jump up from a squatting position. If you are good in jump squatting, then go for it as no body parts rub during this exercise and it helps in getting rid of chafing.

    Jumping Jacks: It is another simple and effective exercise where you jump up, spreading arms and legs apart. It is good for soothing skin chaffing as it stimulates calorie burning without giving birth to chafing issue.

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    Diaper cream really works to Relieve Painful Chafing

    Diaper cream really works to relieve skin chafing as it protects the affected skin and boosts the recovering process. Therefore, apply some good quality diaper cream to your chafed skin and let it sit on your skin for a few hours. It is better to apply it in the evening and leave it overnight so that medicinal ingredients of the cream get ample time to penetrate into the chafed skin.

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    Home Remedies to Relieve Painful Chafing

    There are speedy and useful homemade remedies to relieve the uneasiness linked with skin chaffing. Given below are some such remedies that help you get rid of chafing:

    Apply petroleum jelly: Apply some petroleum jelly / Vaseline to your chaffed skin.

    Apply talcum powder or baby powder: Wash your hands thoroughly and wipe them dry with a clean towel. Now, place some talcum powder or baby powder to your palm and apply it to the affected part of your skin. Powder absorbs the sweating, one of the main reasons of skin chaffing.

    Note: Wash your hands properly after the application of talcum powder / baby powder.

    Apply Almond / Lavender/ Calendula or Baby Oil: These oils help soothe your chafed skin. Apply some almond, lavender, calendula or baby oil to the stinging skin with your fingertips and wait for 10 to 15 minutes. Now, wash it with lukewarm water and wipe it dry instantly.

    Note: It is better to apply the mentioned oils with disposable gloves or after thoroughly washing your hands with a soap or hand-wash.

    Apply Aloe Vera: Dab some Aloe Vera gel to the affected skin without rubbing it.

    Note: You can extract Aloe Vera straight from the plant or purchase the Aloe Vera gel from your nearest health or beauty store.

    Oatmeal powder & Olive Oil: Take a medium plastic mixing bowl and add in one cup of plain oatmeal powder and 2 tablespoons olive oil. Grab a medium spoon and mix both of the ingredients until converted into a thick paste. Apply this simple mixture to your chafed skin and wait for 30 to 40 minutes. Rinse it off with mild water. Repeat this method until you get rid of the aching chafing.

    Apply Cornstarch: Mix one 1 tablespoon cold water and 1 tablespoon cornstarch in a small mixing bowl. Continue mixing until it forms a smooth paste. Now, wash the chafed skin with antibacterial soap and wait until it dries completely. Apply the cornstarch to the affected area, covering it properly. Leave it for a while and then wash it with mild water.

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