How to Remove a Fish Hook from your Hand

Fish hooks can cause pain especially if a hook gets stuck in your hand while fishing. Going to a hospital may be out of question especially if the nearest hospital is located far off. Pulling a fish hook from your hand, toe, finger or any other body part can be a tricky task but it is something that you can accomplish without having to go to a hospital. ‘String Yank’ and ‘Advance and Cut’ are two fishermen remedies that have been used for years now to remove a fish hook from a body part.


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    String Yank Technique:

    You will need a piece of string for this technique. The length of the string has to be 12 inches or more. You may use fishing line if you are unable to find a piece of string.

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    Loop the string or fishing line at the point where the fish hook starts to bend. Wrap the string or fishing line around the hook in at least 6 to 7 loops.

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    Wrap other end of the string around the index finger of the non-affected hand. Slightly push the hook shank down further into your flesh just a tiny bit. This will disengage the barb on the fish hook from your flesh.

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    Apply just a small number of pressure on the fish hook and maintain the pressure. You can use the thumb of your non-affected hand for this purpose.

  • 5

    Yank the string spontaneously. The fish hook will come out of the hand.

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    Advance and Cut Technique:

    You will need a pair of pliers fitted with barb cutters. Make sure that the tool you use is sharp enough to cut the fish hook without becoming the cause of further pain.

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    Advance the barb further into your flesh and make it emerge out of your hand from the other side. You can accomplish by applying small amounts of pressure on the hook end where the fishing line is tied.

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    Cut off the barb from the hook using the pair of pliers. Now the hook will not hurt too much when you try to remove it from your hand.

  • 9

    Slowly pull out the hook from the entrance wound.

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