How to Remove Bugs from Ears

Have you ever felt a ringing sensation or a loud scratching noise in your ears? In most cases, these are the symptoms of a bug which might have found its way into your ear while you were asleep. Care must be practised while trying to remove bugs from ears because if you do it wrong, permanent hearing damage can occur.


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    Mineral oil is the best to safely remove a bug from your ear. Purchase a bottle of any good quality mineral oil from a pharmacy or a departmental store. Ask a friend to help you out because you will be needing assistance in the steps to come.

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    Now you need to warm the mineral oil because mineral oil will work better if it is warm. Fill a cooking pot with hot water and place the mineral oil bottle in this pot. Wait about eight minutes. Temperature of the mineral oil will gradually increase and the water temperature will decrease as mineral oil absorbs more and more heat. Feel the warmth of the mineral oil by pouring a few drops on your palm. If it still feels cold, again place the bottle in a pot of hot water and wait for about four minutes. Test the oil’s warmth. It should be at ideal temperature now. However, you will have to wait about two to three minutes if you think that the mineral oil got too hot.

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    You need to act quickly now because if the oil cools down too much, it will not work. Draw a small quantity of mineral oil in an eye dropper.

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    With the affected ear facing upwards, lay on a flat, firm surface. In order to open the ear canal, pull the ear lobe downwards.

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    At this point, seek you friend’s help. Ask your friend to slowly pour mineral oil from the eye dropper in your ear canal. Tell him to keep pouring until the ear is full to the brim. Do not move for at least five minutes. The warm mineral oil will kill the bug and make it to float until it reaches top of the ear.

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    Turn so that the affected ear faces downwards. Remember to pull and hold your ear lobe. Mineral out falls out of your ear and with it the problem causing bug. Wait for a couple of minutes at least until most of the excess mineral oil has been drained for your ear.

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    If you see a dead bug in the pool of oil, it means you were successful. Wipe clean your ear with cotton buds to get rid of any remaining mineral oil. However, if you feel that the bug is still in your ear, contact your doctor immediately instead of trying anything else.

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