How to Remove Hair Follicles

The mammalian skin organ which produces hair is known as a hair follicle. Women desiring hair-free legs and a pleasant bikini zone know that in order to achieve this, the follicles need to be removed. The removal of hair follicles ensures a slower hair regrowth which enables women to show off their skin without worrying about removing the hair after every two days. However, removal of hair follicles requires time and money, and a good threshold to pain. Keep reading this to learn how to remove hair follicles.


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    Your first choice should be to try waxing or sugaring the concerned area. While waxing, you have to apply melted wax on your skin and then use a strip of cloth to remove the hair follicles at the root region. In sugaring the process is a little bit different but with the same results.

    Here you have to apply a gel on the area which actually attaches itself to the base of the hair than the skin. The two procedures can easily be performed in the comfort of your home by buying home waxing and sugaring kits. However, if you are a perfectionist and want some professional work done, then you can visit your nearest salon and have an esthetician work on you. The only problem with these two procedures is the temporary pain which you will feel when the cloth strip is removed. The cost of getting it done from a salon is another issue as paying for the treatment every month could have a toll on you.

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    You can use an epilator as this device almost looks like an electric razor but with tweezers which grab hair follicles and help in removing them completely. The best thing about this device is that it produces the same results as waxing does and you have to make an investment just once instead of having to pay almost every month. The downside is that it takes more time than waxing to remove hair and is quite painful since you are actually tweezing so many hair at the same time.

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    As a last resort, you can consider laser removal. In this procedure, pulses of high-energy light are used for targeting the melanin pigment. This is a step by step process which is completed after almost four to eight-week intervals. After the first phase, you will require additional treatments for the complete removal of the hair from the targeted area.  Unfortunately, this is also a costly treatment with average cost of four procedures ranging around $458.25.

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