How to Repair Hardwood Plank Flooring

In the harsh winter, many owners of private houses feel it necessary to make their home more comfortable and warm. One of the important processes of preparing a home for the cold is warming the floor. To make this possible hardwood flooring is one of the ways to keep you cozy.

None can match flooring with parquet. Wood floor blends harmoniously into any style, it wear resistance, durable, and has high thermal conductivity and acoustic insulation. If you properly care for flooring, it will last a long time. But sometimes this reliable coverage needs repair.

Things Required:

– Mastic putty for parquet sander
– Wax
– Lacquer


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    Sometimes the floor gets scratched or chipped. If the damage is minimal, then you can just wipe them off but if that's not enough, you have to put on the damaged areas putty for wood flooring, wait for it to dry and sand when using emery paper. After that, the floor is covered with lacquer or wax.

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    We often feel creaking parquet strongly while walking. The reason for this is an outdated way of preparing the ground. In the past,  the installation of parquet on mastic bitumen was popular - it created a further unpleasant squeaking. In this case it is necessary to make a new tie. If parquet faded or discoloured, it is recommended to polish it and apply a new protective coating.

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    When flooding occurs, parquet water swelling after drying it crack and deform. If this floor has not lost cohesion with the base, it can be repaired. However, the financial cost of restoring the flooring may not be less than the cost of a new floor.

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    Undermining or dilapidation parquet blocks, with accumulation of dust and debris, these details parquet is to sort and replace. It makes sense, if there are not much damaged planks. If their number is very large, it is better to replace the floor completely.

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    If you feel that the parquet is very old but very well secured, you have to spend it with sanding drum machine that will remove the shabby paint and remove the bumps. Then, using a surface grinding machine, perform the final processing of parquet.

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